June 24, 2016

Report for IPS , Warsaw, Poland, 19-23, June, 2016

GOTO INC was very proud to present its newest system, the CHIRON III HYBRID at the recent International Planetarium Society 2016 conference in Warsaw, Poland. The very compact yet brilliant CHIRON III was set up in a temporary, 16m air dome, and was hybridized and synchronized both with GOTO’s own VIRTUARIUM X fulldome system, and also with the RSA Cosmos Sky Explorer’s newest version - version 4.0. The conference of more than 500 people visited the HYBRID dome in 5 groups, rotating through exhibits and demonstrations by numerous vendors.

Both GOTO and RSA HYBRID systems worked flawlessly, showing real time-generated graphics in tight synchronization between the opto-mechanical CHIRON III and the fulldome systems. Two HYBRID programs were shown. An educational one by Dayna Thompson, a GOTO HYBRID owner from Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana showed how fulldome and opto-mechanical projections complemented each other in a program about Saturn discoveries. Another HYBRID presentation demonstrated GOTO people, products, and programs, and showed off the CHIRON III’s features. Finally, GOTO staff put the system through its paces using the live, manual control panel of the HYBRID, often comparing the 70K resolution opto-mechanical sky’s appearance with that of the 4K fulldome sky.

Audience reactions were universally positive, with high praise for the CHIRON III’s realistic sky and amazing flexibility of presentations. Many attendees were given the opportunity to take the system for a “test drive” with their hands on the manual controls with essentially no training required to use the very intuitive, ergonomically-designed control system.

In addition to the GOTO HYBRID demonstrations in the dome, GOTO also presented an exhibit area booth with more information about GOTO opto-mechanical projectors, GOTO fulldome show production and distribution, and even a look at GOTO’s new 360º Camera Drone and its stunning results shown in a mini-dome in the booth.

All 10 GOTO staff members attending IPS 2016 thank the organizers for an excellent conference, and thank all attendees who shared their time and thoughts with GOTO. We look forward to seeing everyone at the next IPS conference in Toulouse, France, in 2018!