Our Work

Twinkling stars in the night sky… Our constant goal is to faithfully reproduce the beautiful night sky in planetarium domes.

Since we developed our first planetarium in Japan in 1959, our goal is not only a beautiful starry sky, but also one which performs with scientific accuracy.

To plot the positions of the fixed stars, we constructed our own stellar database based on 1,000,000,000 observed star locations and produced the fixed star plates used in our projectors. Individual stars making up the Milky Way were also produced in a separate process. As a result, the Milky Way on the dome screen appears to float in the dome as the real Milky Way does in the night sky – art, with the accuracy of science.

We are always keen to reproduce more realistic and beautiful starry sky. But we don't stop there. We make certain that the planetarium goes well beyond the night sky. The very best planetariums combine that superb night sky with excellent sound systems, seamless domes, comfortable seats, and a control desk that allows operators to present it all with ease and grace.

Each facility is designed individually to fit users' needs. We can not only design, develop, and manufacture and deliver the planetarium, but we also provide maintenance by specially trained international field technicians, content production, and operator training.

※ Fixed star plates
A unique, proprietary process prints fixed stars on a glass plate with maximum position and brightness accuracy.

GOTO planetarium History

GOTO INC has produced many models of opto-mechanical projector since 1959 when we developed the first Model M-1 in Japan.
The various projectors (※) show revolutionary technology which is always in response to our customers' needs and our desire to lead rather than to follow.

※ Fixed stars are projected via lenses onto the dome, and annual motion of the planets is shown automatically.