About us

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GOTO INC is located in Fuchu City, a richly green suburb of Tokyo. It is a unique company working solely in the astronomy industry since its inception, making telescopes and planetarium projectors since our founding by Seizo Goto in 1926. As a very young man, he began the company to manufacture small telescopes. In the 90 years since then, the company has grown and expanded, but still maintains our founder’s wish to never compromise on excellence.

In 1959, the planetarium was still largely unknown in Japan. Yet GOTO INC was successful in introducing it to public and school domes around Japan, where GOTO still equips the majority of Japanese planetariums. Our first ambitious export in 1959 was to the USA, and our international growth has been amazing ever since. This is because GOTO continues to invest heavily in research and development, leading to an array of products that are eagerly accepted by the global market.

Seizo Goto’s grandson, Ryuichiro Goto became our second president, and Japan became the country with more than a hundred planetariums - second in number only to the United States. During Ryuichiro Goto’s presidency, GOTO INC contributed to the spread of astronomical education through planetariums installed in Asian countries such as Taiwan, Korea, and India, and reached further into Europe and America.

Today, in GOTO INC’s 90th year, the 4th generation of the Goto family, Nobutaka Goto, leads our company using the same principals as our founder. Striving to reproduce the real starry sky without compromise is both our company policy and our spirit. GOTO INC will continue to provide the emotional and educational environments which support understanding of astronomy, space, and science for the world today and for generations to come.