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General Audience

The Man from the 9 Dimensions

“The Man from the 9 Dimensions” is a 3D fulldome film on the “Theory of Everything”, the ultimate goal of physics to describe all natural phenomena by a single consistent theory. Be ready to be surprised by the new world of vibrating strings and hidden dimensions predicted by the most promising hypothesis for the “Theory of Everything”, the Superstring Theory. Directed by Takashi Shimizu of “The Grudge”, the movie seamlessly fuses live action scenes, mesmerizing CG, and latest techniques of scientific data visualization and guides you through the esoteric world of theoretical physics in a way never before seen.

Genre: Science / Audience: General Audience / Duration: 30 min

General Audience


Curtain waves, light swirls, and then breaks up.
Different aurora captured by time-lapse is recreated in dome.
Using Computer Graphics, explain mechanism of how aurora is generated.
Glacier shot from high level, image of arctic and row of mountains.
This is a production that lets you fully enjoy the attractiveness of aurora
along with the nature of Ireland and Alaska.

Genre: Nature / Audience: General Audience / Duration: Approx. 26min
©KAGAYA Studio

General Audience

Earth Symphony

How wonderful our planet Earth is!
Aurora, meteorite, snow, clouds and more.
Let's feel the Earth's atmosphere with beautiful phenomenon displayed on the dome screen.
KAGAYA creating a masterpiece in his renowned computer graphics takes you to a healing journey about the story of the sky.
Enjoy a ride with soothing music and starry sky.
Please enjoy seasonal starry sky with dynamic music.

Genre: Nature / Audience: General Audience / Duration: Approx. 27min
©KAGAYA Studio

General Audience

Flower Universe

Makoto Azuma is the flower artist, who launched the experimental botanical lab Azuma Makoto Kaju Kenkyusho (AMKK).
He has been focusing on his project arranging flowers in all kinds of mundane situations that don’t occur in the realm of nature,
and continues to pursue the beauty of plants from a unique point of view.
This show lets us experience his world with powerful fulldome movie.
Brightly colored flower planet is taken by high-resolution 4K camera, emerges in the outer space filled in the dome.
It is an experimental show as if traveling back and forth between flowers and universe as well as micro and macro world.

Genre: Art / Music / Audience: General Audience / Duration: Approx. 10min
©NHK Enterprises/P.I.C.S

General Audience

LIFE FORCESecret Life in The Red Namib

The Namib Deserts of southwestern Africa is totally different world, awaiting you as if you land on an alien planet. Why on such a dry land are these creatures able to survive and sometimes thrive as dominant specie on the desert? This time, we captured some of the unanswered questions of the Fairy Circles for the first time in the world.
In addition, we successfully clarified the whole picture of the fog/mist in the Namib. From land to the sky, a mysterious world is revealed.

Genre: Nature / Audience: General Audience / Duration: Approx. 30min
©2015NHK and NHNZ and CCTV9

General Audience


The search for a planet like Earth – one with temperatures, oceans, and an atmosphere suitable for life has been a little like Goldilocks’ search for a decent bowl of porridge: some are too hot, some are too cold, but some are “just right.”

Learn the techniques astronomers have already used to find more than 2,000 tiny, dark worlds in orbit around distant stars – some in the Goldilocks Zone.

As we add exploration tools like the Thirty Meter Telescope atop Hawaii’s Mauna Kea, we will undoubtedly find thousands more!

Genre: Astoronomy, Science / Audience: General Audience / Duration: Approx. 26min

Family General Audience


In the near future...
During observations of the star Gliese 581, a black hole unknown to mankind was accidentally discovered. After a series of unmanned space probes, we are now ready to send the first manned probe to the black hole. What if we could travel to the black hole at the speed of light? What if we fell into the black hole?

Genre: Astoronomy, Science / Audience: Family, General Audience / Duration: Approx. 25min

General Audience

89th constellation

“Opto-mechanical stars” and “Constellations”
This show is comprised with these 2 main themes.
In 1926, GOTO INC has started its business as a telescope and optical instrument manufacturer. Though there is a wave of digitization at everywhere, this is a planetarium show going back to where it started.

Genre: Astoronomy / Audience: General Audience / Duration: Approx. 28min

General Audience

Brilliant Life of the Coral Seas

The creatures of the coral seas are constantly effected by the gravitational pull of the moon and sun - the tides rule their world. This live action nature documentary will take you into the undersea realm to witness the beauty of life in the coral seas. The drama of life was shot with ultra high resolution, 4K cameras, maximizing the viewers' feeling of being in the sea.

Genre: Nature / Audience: General Audience / Duration: Approx. 40min

General Audience

Starry Night Concert

Twinkling stars.
When you listen carefully under the starry sky, you feel like the night sky with the music played by constellations...
Let's set out on a journey of imagination with the original image and soundtrack based on the zodiacal constellations.
It is a new type of fulldome program letting the image play music.

Genre: Art / Music / Audience: General Audience / Duration: Approx. 10min
©NHK Enterprises/P.I.C.S