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August 02, 2016

Japan’s First Real 8K Dome Theater into Fukui City Museum of Astronomy “SEIREN PLANET”

At Japan railway Fukui station west, in the Fukui City Museum of Astronomy “SEIREN PLANET”, a new era has begun. Japan’s first Real 8K fulldome video system has been installed by GOTO INC.

A new GOTO VIRTUARIUM X fulldome system with an amazing array of eight 4K high-resolution video projectors is able to present an image of more than 8,000 pixels by 8,000 pixels filling the dome. So audiences are able to see both a computer generated astronomical sky, as well as 8K natural views of the Fukui area.

In addition to astronomical simulations, GOTO INC has also produced video programs highlighting the scenic Tojinbo coastal area, the historic Ichijodani Asakura Clans Ruins, and even images of Fukui’s elementary and middle school skylines, so that visiting students can quickly orient themselves under the planetarium sky.

A new 17 meter Spitz Nano-Seam dome offers a nearly seamless screen upon which these images are shown. A stage and carefully designed backstage area help when using the theater for community presentations. A special 13.1 audio system including speakers installed beneath each seat, gives a very realistic overall presentation. Barrier-free design enhances everyone’s visit, and an electronic loop assisted listening system is provided for the hearing impaired. Stress-free seats enabling parent/child pairs to sit together in the same large seat is also a plus. In short, nothing was spared in the effort to make this theater the most exciting and flexible space possible.

One of the opening presentations in the dome is “Fukui Blue.” This science program describes the region’s unique “scepter valley stone” and fits it into the overall natural history of the islands of Japan. In addition to beautiful time lapse photography, portions of this film were taken with GOTO’s helicopter camera drone which captures 8K spherical video in all directions, including up and down. The clarity and immersive nature of this image must be seen to be appreciated. Many audience members comment that they feel like they are flying and love the unique perspective.

GOTO INC joins in a cooperative relationship with Fukui Television to fully staff and operate the “Seiren Planet” planetarium. Together, they use a full production set of computers and a 3 meter studio dome to work on and ultimately show productions unique to Fukui.

So in addition to providing a bustling transportation hub, the new Happiring building at the station also houses fascinating resources for the people of Fukui and beyond. Schools, local companies engaged in industry and technology and GOTO INC are joining together to inspire and educate children. Their dreams of space and love of discovery will keep this facility buzzing with excitement for years to come.

Fukui City Museum of Astronomy "SEIREN PLANET"
5F Happiring,1-2-1 Chuo,Fukui City, Fukui Pref. 910-0006,Japan
Official Web.site: http://www.fukui-planet.com/