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December 21, 2016

GOTO works on the best theater design

How to do it right

It’s easy to build a bad planetarium. You may have been in some of them. From the moment you step into the dome it just doesn’t feel right. The lighting is wrong. The edge of the dome is too high. The slope of the floor makes you feel off balance. The seats are too close together. The audio system seems dull and muddled. The stars are fuzzballs instead of points of light. It’s too hot or too cold. Gee, it seems like whoever designed that planetarium must have been a rookie who didn’t know what he was doing!

In fact, the architects and engineers in almost every planetarium project are trying to build their very first planetarium! There are literally hundreds of decisions that must be made in the design phase of a planetarium project, and some of them can be very wrong.

Think about it. Would you buy a car from someone who is building his first car? Or would you more likely trust a company that had built thousands of them? Nobody wants to be the victim of a designer who is trying to work alone, and who will lead them into costly errors in design. Instead, GOTO INC invites your design team to work with us as you design your planetarium.

GOTO’s engineers and designers and our international partners will happily work with your local design team to refine and improve their designs, and to verify that all is ready before construction begins. Then you can be sure that all systems are well integrated - that the dome, the projection and audio systems, exit and safety features, even the seating and HVAC systems all fit together in a pleasing, efficient, and dramatic whole. And as always, GOTO INC will listen carefully and respect your budgetary constraints and programming goals. So, if you are planning a new planetarium or a major renovation of an existing dome, give us a call. We’d like to help you do it right.

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