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June 26, 2017

Two decades-old planetariums were revitalized and re-opened with CHIRON III HYBRID in the spring of 2017.

GOTO INC has always loved the excitement of building a brand new planetarium – of bringing the sky to a community in a whole new way.  But we also love pumping new excitement into older, existing planetariums through dynamic renovation projects.  In 2016, GOTO was proud to have been chosen to revitalize two decades-old planetariums which re-opened to the public in April of 2017.

My town, our planetarium #195 / #196
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The 23-meter diameter Saitama City Space Theater originally opened in 1987. The 18-meter Osaki Lifelong Educational Center was built in 1997. One of these planetariums originally chose a GOTO HELIOS star projector, and the other chose a competitor’s machine. Unlike today’s video equipment which has lifetimes of only a handful of years, opto-mechanical projectors such as GOTO’s can be maintained and operated for 30 years or more. And true to form, both Saitama’s and Osaki’s opto-mechanical planetarium projectors gave decades of solid service, teaching children and families all about the sky.

But finally, it becomes time to retire all old machines and to look for new opportunities with new equipment in total renovations of all domes. This time, both Saitama and Osaki chose the GOTO CHIRON III opto-mechanical planetarium projector to last for their next 30 years. A truly superb sky, the ability to project in tilted or horizontal domes, LED illumination, and intense and accurate sun, moon and planet projectors make the CHIRON III today’s choice to be the dependable, solid core of any planetarium.

As part of their renovations, both planetariums chose to synchronize their CHIRON III with GOTO VIRTUARIUM fulldome video systems. The resulting GOTO HYBRID planetarium systems, with their versatile manual control consoles allow both stimulating and educational live programming as well as dynamic and spectacular automated programs.

So whether it’s a new planetarium just being born, or an older planetarium that needs a new breath of life, GOTO INC stands ready to provide the equipment and know-how to make your planetarium and its programs come alive!

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