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August 08, 2018

In Japan, Noshiro renewed with GOTO VIRTUARIUM X Solo

Noshiro City Children’s Museum, in Akita prefecture replaced their older opto-mechanical planetarium projector used for 30 years with a new GOTO VIRTUARIUM X Solo system.
Noshiro City Children’s Museum was looking for the best system suitable for performing various astronomical simulations for school education.
The VIRTUARIUM X Solo system consists of a BARCO WQXGA laser projector fitted with a GOTO INC single fisheye lens and astronomical software which includes the Hipparcos 120,000 star database and the following features:

  • Unique stellar motion shown over +/- 1,000,000 years time
  • Variable strength scintillation or twinkling
  • Representation of Mira type and Algol type variable stars
  • Prominent meteor showers
  • Milky Way as observed from earth in wavelengths invisible to the naked eye
  • Well-known nebulae and star clusters – all Messier objects
  • Display of constellation pictures, boundaries, lines, and labels for 88 constellations
  • Coordinate lines such as Equator, Ecliptic, Azimuth, Meridian, Equatorial Grid …
  • Analog and digital date and time displays
  • Reproduction of atmospheric conditions such as twilight, appearance of the blue sky
  • 3D model display of the main objects of our solar system
  • Major satellites of each planet
  • Approximately 600,000 objects asteroid database
  • Orbital data of spacecraft such as ISS, Voyager, Pioneer, Hayabusa, etc.
  • 3D model display when approaching fixed stars with exoplanets
  • Various data of distant galaxies using different catalogs
  • Various displays of Earth conditions (Science on a Sphere)

Noshiro City Children’s Museum was opened with an opto-mechanical planetarium projector in a 10m flat dome in 1987 and has long contributed to children’s learning and education. They will continue to develop further with the VIRTUARIUM X Solo system.

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