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August 27, 2018

The ORPHEUS Sky Visits Planetarium Conferences

IPS 2018 - Cité de l’espace -Toulouse Report
  GOTO INC was pleased to present our new opto-mechanical projector, the GOTO ORPHEUS at the International Planetarium Society conference in Toulouse France on July 2, 2018. The temporary installation in the Cité de l’espace 15-meter dome was the European premiere for ORPHEUS, and by all accounts was a resounding success.
  A technical and administrative team of 5 GOTO staff members came from Japan to do the amazing task of carrying in the ORPHEUS into the dome and installing and aligning it accurately atop an elevated stand in only 20 hours! Then on Monday, a custom program mixing fulldome video with actual projections and motions from the ORPHEUS showed off many of its amazing and innovative advancements in five repeated showings to accommodate the large IPS attendance.
  Perhaps the most amazing demonstration was the “layering” of stars by brightness. The ORPHEUS is capable of turning on or off groups of stars according to their brightness, in 6 different layers. The resulting effect can precisely simulate the appearance of a light polluted city sky, a humid oceanside sky, smoke or haze overhead, or the sky from a crystal clear mountain top with stars down to mag 6.55.
  The demonstrations also included the world’s first video moon projected from an opto-mechanical projector. Super-thin crescents, subtle lunar surface features, and even a blood-red lunar eclipse were shown. All-stars scintillation, 88 constellation outlines, coordinate lines, and even an 8 million micro-star Milky Way wowed the crowds. After they were told that the ORPHEUS can fit domes from 8 meters to 21 meters in diameter, and is priced less than previous GOTO projectors, many planetarians crowded GOTO’s exhibit booth to learn even more.
  At GOTO’s booth, participants also were able to see previews of many fulldome movies distributed by GOTO INC, including the new, award-winning “Horizon” program. There was a comfortable place to chat with GOTO staff and to learn more about what makes GOTO such a user-friendly company.
  We at GOTO would like to thank all of the staff and management of Cité de l’espace who were so helpful to our efforts, and to the hundreds of planetarians who expressed their appreciation for what GOTO had brought to this highly successful international conference. Next, can we bring an ORPHEUS to install permanently in your planetarium?

IPS Conference Toulouse 2018
International Planetarium Society

ORPHEUS star plate demo projector
This demo projector was specially designed to show "layering" of stars by brightness.

BAP 2018 – Thinktank Planetarium – Birmingham England
  From September 7-8, 2018 the British Association of Planetariums will meet in Birmingham England. In addition to numerous talks from members regarding astronomy and the UK’s aerospace activities, GOTO INC will demonstrate the ORPHEUS’ unique ability to “layer” stars by brightness. Using a small demo projector rather than the entire ORPHEUS projector we presented at IPS, one of the ORPHEUS’ twelve star plates will show how controlling stars grouped by brightness can result in superb sky realism.

British Association Of Planetaria(BAP)

GLPA 2018 – Abrams Planetarium - East Lansing, Michigan USA
  From October 10-14, members of the Great Lakes Planetarium Association will meet at the Abrams Planetarium in East Lansing, Michigan. What is probably America’s most-active regional group will show their usual dedication to educational programming through papers, poster sessions, and workshops. Again in the Abrams dome, Ken Miller will use GOTO’s small ORPHEUS star plate demo projector to show the “layering” of stars by brightness – something not done by any opto-mechanical projector until this remarkable invention. Come see the sky projected as it truly looks over your city, town, or remote viewing location.

Great Lakes Planetarium Association(GLPA)

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