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January 11, 2019

NEW! GOTO INC Welcomes Mark Webb

It takes great technology to make a planetarium work. It also takes creativity, knowledge, perseverance, and heart. It takes commitment.
The GOTO team has amazing technology and we also bring all of these other qualities to your project ‐ we’re committed to it.
GOTO is proud to announce that Mark Webb, Theaters Director at the Adler Planetarium for 23 years, has joined Ken Miller on the GOTO U.S. team. They are committed to helping you make the future of your planetarium the best it can be. Make a commitment to reach out to GOTO today and start a conversation about the future of your dome.

(left photo) GOTO's new U.S. Liaison, Mark Webb.
(center & right photos) Mark Webb takes a selfie and operates the console of a Charles Brown Planetarium in Muncie, Indiana.

We may already be friends, if not let me introduce myself, I’m Mark Webb.
Until December of 2018 I was in charge of the theaters at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago for 20+ years. I have been lucky enough to be present at the birth of fulldome and simultaneously operating one of the world’s most respected optical planetariums.
The Adler Planetarium will always feel like home to me but in recent years I have become more and more interested in collaborating with other planetarians around the world. The creativity and dedication of people in this industry continues to inspire and motivate my love of the planetarium. When the possibility to work with GOTO appeared I could not resist following the opportunity. I have believed for many years that GOTO is a shining example of what a great planetarium company should be ‐ exceptional technology combined with employees at every level dedicated to planetarium excellence. I’m honored to join them on this mission.
I’m still using Chicago as my home base in my new role representing GOTO in North America. Please feel free to contact me or say hello the next time we meet at a conference. If you are visiting Chicago let me know and we can try to meet up, maybe even visit the Adler together. If you are thinking about renovating your planetarium, or building a new one, let me know about that too because I would like nothing more than to listen to your plans.

Mark Webb

4044 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60618
Tel: +1 773 757-6497
Email: mark@goto-stars.com
Contact: Mark Webb