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January 11, 2022 / News

The first AETHERIOS installation in Japan

Mogami Large Area, Educational Research Center in Yamagata Pref. has chosen the AETHERIOS Hybrid as their forth planetarium for their 5.5 meter diameter flat dome. They opened in 1972 and an opto-mechanical planetarium was installed in 1974. After using two fulldome digital planetariums in 2004 and 2011, they came to conclusion that an opto-mechanical planetarium is a must to meet their desire that they want to give children dreams through the planetarium.

AETHERIOS is an extremely small (280mm = 11 inch diameter), lightweight (18kgs = 40lbs), and easy to set up to be used for outreach and mobile planetarium as well as ordinary planetarium. For details, please visit the following special website.

For more detailes;

Aetherios special website

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