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March 01, 2022 / News

100 million CHIRON III stars appear at Hamamatsu Science Museum

Hamamatsu Science Museum was opened in 1986 with the largest planetarium dome theater in Shizuoka Pref., Japan. They think the realistic starry sky is most important, and strongly desire to deliver an impressive starry sky to the audience.

In replacing the old planetarium, they search for a new planetarium that can project a realistic starry sky and CHIRON III was chosen with a good reason. CHIRON III can not only reproduce the Milky Way with about 100 million micro stars, but also more than 300 nebulae/clusters and more than 2000 dark nebulae. Furthermore, the unique colors of about 300 stars, which are brighter than the 3.5 magnitude, are also reproduced.

Yuichi Amemori, an astronomical staff member in charge of the planetarium, said:
"CHIRON III tends to focus on about 100 million stars only, but the star image is quite sharp and very beautiful. As a result, the sense of depth of the starry sky increased, and we felt as if the dome diameter had increased. The fulldome digital system can project a realistic universe and powerful images with improved brightness and color development. We hope that the audience will experience this excitement.”

CHIRON III was installed with a new 4K fulldome digital system as the GOTO hybrid planetarium.

Click here for a 360-degree dome image that can be freely operated with the mouse
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