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April 10, 2023 / News

1 billion CHIRON III stars appear at “Dream 21” in Osaka, Japan

“Dream 21” Higashiosaka City Children’s Culture and Sports Center is located in Hanazono Central Park, which has the Hanazono Rugby Stadium. It opened in 1991 as a facility for children equipped with an opto-mechanical planetarium in a 20 meter tilted dome, and has been loved by many citizens as a “Science, Culture and Sports Children’s Plaza”. Now, 30 years later, it has been renewed as a hybrid planetarium consisting of CHIRON III and DIGISTAR 7 with two Sony GTZ380 projectors.

Click here for a 360-degree dome image that can be freely operated with the mouse
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Milky Way reproduced with 1 billion micro stars
We developed new star plate for the Milky Way with 1 billion micro stars based on the latest observation data "DR3 (Data Release 3)" which the European Space Agency (ESA) obtained by using the Gaia Satellite. New CHIRON III can reproduce the Milky Way with 1 billion micro stars, and can project a natural and beautiful starry sky that is closer to the real. Of 9,500 fixed stars visible to the naked eyes, approximately 300 stars brighter than magnitude 3.5 are given their own unique colors, and the Milky Way depicted by more than a billion micro stars contains more than 300 nebulae/star clusters and more than 2,000 dark nebulae. In addition, the unique dimming function reproduces the scintillation of stars that differ depending on the season and weather, as well as the stars that begin to shine in the twilight sky, more naturally than ever before.

A dome space that excites children
The old seats were replaced with wider reclining seats and the interior was renovated to create a space where you can experience nature. The seats and floors are green so that you can enjoy the feeling of looking up at the sky while lying on the lawn or grass. The walls are brown that evokes the image of "trees" and "soil". In addition, there are couple seats for parents & children and a "multi-purpose space" where you can lie down and watch the starry sky like camping, so children can be excited and adults can relax. Furthermore, by designing the interior of the lobby in front of the entrance with the image of a blue sky and grasslands, it becomes a continuous space with the dome interior.

Safe environment
Anti-infection measures with antibacterial and anti-virus coating have been implemented so that anyone can use it safely, and it has also been made barrier-free. In addition, there is a hearing loop area and a space for wheelchairs, so many customers can use it comfortably.

European Space Agency

“Dream 21” Higashiosaka City Children’s Culture and Sports Center

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