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July 05, 2024 / News

NEW! Funabashi City Education Center chooses “PANDORA II EX HYBRID” as a new solution

The planetarium’s night sky is renewed with an elaborate starry sky of about 40 million twinkling stars

GOTO INC has delivered and installed the “PANDORA II EX HYBRID” at the Funabashi City Education Center. This machine is a “hybrid planetarium” that combines the optical planetarium “PANDORA II EX,” which reproduces the Milky Way with about 40 million tiny stars, and the “VIRTUARIUM X,” which projects bright, high-definition digital images over the entire dome. The planetarium at the center will reopen on Sunday, July 7, 2024.

*The projector name of ”PNDORAⅡ” is for the Domestic. The overseas model is “PANDIAⅡ”.

Click here for a 360-degree dome image that can be freely operated with the mouse
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