What is the significance of constructing a planetarium?

Human beings have launched artificial satellites, walked on the surface of the moon, established an International Space Station for long-term human habitation, and sent probes to planets. Now the feasibility of return to the moon and indeed travel to other planets is being studied by a number of cooperating countries. Although we hear about these events almost daily in the media, most of us have very little knowledge about the sun and and moon shining down on us, or even about the earth on which we live. In fact, we are almost indifferent to these matters!

The planetarium is not merely a tool for the acquisition of astronomical knowledge in schools; it is also a valuable medium for raising our awareness and love of the eternally blue earth by deepening our understanding of the planet. The planetarium impresses us with the infinity, dignity, regularity, and wonder of the cosmos and inspires minds to explore so many remaining fields of study. The planetarium can also provide an escape from the stress of everyday life. Relaxing under the tranquil, starry sky brings peace and restores creativity to an overworked mind. And finally, the planetarium functions as a regional information center where the community has access to the latest news of current scientific happenings.

Above all, the planetarium benefits the human mind and spirit. It can give great power to the imagination and stimulate creativity in children, the future of our society. In this way, constructing a planetarium brings countless rewards.